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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Camira Day Sail

Included in our trip package was a day trip aboard the Camira, a seven year old eighty five foot catamaran! We were told it would be an all day trip leaving at seven am and getting back shortly before seven at night to Whitheaven Beach and all meals were to be included. Being broke college students the free food idea sounded amazing and it really was delicious.

Our whole trip had fabulous weather and the day sailing was no different. Not a cloud in the sky and about ten knots wind (I have a bit of a sailing background so going for a leisurely sail with beautiful scenery was amazing) the crew even told us that our day was the best weather they have had for a month and a half.

We stopped between two islands in Hook Passage for snorkeling. We hadn't been told this was happening so we were all very excited. I had never snorkeled before and was so glad to get a trial run before the next days trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I've never been one with the water but snorkeling was about as easy and user friendly as floating on a raft. I had a great first experience!

We all got back aboard and finished our sail to the beautiful Whitheaven Beach! The sand is ninety eight percent silica which makes it extremely fine and white. The sands make up keeps it from ever warming up, no jumping around due to hot sand. It is part of a national park and wins several awards each year. We got to play around on the beach for a hour and a half then we finished our journey by sailing around the rest of Whitsunday Island. It was a beautiful day I won't forget.