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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Intra Semester Break!

Intra semester break is a two week break in the middle of the semester. For break a group of about 12 people are going to the Whitsunday’s staying at Long Island for eight days and then are traveling to Melbourne for five days.
In the Whitsunday's we will do a lot of relaxing, a day snorkeling trip and a sailing trip to Whitehaven Beach! In Melbourne we are going on a great ocean road tour and too an island where penguins live naturally since its so close to Antarctica.

I had to pack for this trip in two backpacks... Being a natural over packer I seriously struggled. I decided that I will have to wear several outfits on the plane. As of now I am going to be wearing four bathing suits, a sports bra, two pairs of shorts, six tank tops, a dress to cover all of that and my rain jacket on top! It saves so much room surprisingly.