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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

My First Grade

I have studied for a total of six weeks so far and have written four essays. Yesterday I had a one on one meeting with my History Tutor (Not the lecturer, the professor who teachers the extra hour classes that are in small groups) to discuss my first paper. I was nervous to say the least and had no idea what to expect. He is pretty intimidating having traveled and taught all over the world and his base knowledge of history so far exceeds mine I find myself getting lost in class discussions so I was scared a one on one history chat wouldn’t end well. It turns out I didn’t need to be scared, he was nice as I already knew but I did need to fear his harsh grading. Hey that's what teachers are for.

By the time I was done with this essay I had wrote a physiological and developmental essay within a week and a half and was worn out. The Australian grading system is very strange as well so a grade I would consider low for myself here is considered fairly good. My physiological professor said she begins grading the essays at 60% and moves up and down from there. I nearly fainted. Here is an example of the grading scale

High Distinction:  85%–100% Distinction:  75%–84% Credit:  65%–74% Pass:  50%–64 % Fail:  0%–49 %
This webpage from the Uni gives more detail as well.

Teachers outright say how hard it is to get a High Distinction so I guess I am pleased with my grade of 73 on my first essay but will shoot for higher on my next.