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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Flash Floods, Fire Alarms, Mud Slide

On Thursday morning everyone knew it was going to rain but no one was expecting buckets of rain to pour from the sky from the sky for hours. From the library windows I could see the lakes at the end of campus rapidly rises and the grass between the buildings were turning into pools. Fire alarms were going off in buildings, the school was emailing saying “Park Lot 4 has rapidly rising water move your cars immediately if you can still get to them”. Many of the costal cities right within ten minutes of us were flooded and evacuated. Apparently this happens a lot here because no one gets too worried and many teachers don’t have any expectations of attending tutorial when its raining, I guess they are use to it. The worst I am use to is snow the heavy rain is a bit scary and I fear my room will flood.

The rain finally let up around five and I decided to make a trip back to the apartments. (It was still raining really hard which I realized after I ventured out) I was soaked because I had to put my back pack which held many electronics under my rain jacket leaving my front fully exposed.  The bridge leading to and from campus to uni that is over the wetlands was flooded! A little scary going through murky water when there are signs with pictures of snakes but I was walking with people and I made it. Once across the bridge we here all this yelling and there is a huge group of people mud sliding into the lake! We ran back put our bags away and went straight to the mud slide. The rain was coming down so hard and it was cold but we were having so much fun!