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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Current City: Sippy Downs, QLD(Queensland)

I made it! After leaving BW at 9:30am on Thursday morning for the Pittsburgh airport to Chicgao, LA and Brisbane, I finished my over 24 hour journey to the Land Down Under! My flight to Chicago was tiny and smooth sailing. My lay over in Chicago was only a few minutes over an hour. Becky and I (a student from BW who went with me) were directed to the wrong gate, K3, and ended up sprinting down to K19 (half a mile I swear). The plan was supposed to board at 5:55 and we found out we were at the wrong gate at 6:16. There were two flight air port workers at the entrance to the walk way to the plane and one immediately said we couldn't get on and that it was too late. The other was more sympathetic when I pleaded with her and explained we needed to make the LA flight which was a group flight with many American students going to the same country. She luckily felt bad and typed in a code and we had more running as alarms sounded due to us not being allowed in the tunnel that was connected to the plane since the plane door was already closed and they were just about to head off to the run way We made it and got some looks. We vowed to check the boards with gate numbers and times more often.


The flight from Chicago to LA was 4.5 hours and our layover in LA was about 3.5. The LA to Brisbane flight however was fourteen hours. My muscles were sore to say the least. The long flight wasn't bad and we got two full, and when I say full I mean BIG meals, that were quite tasty. The plane was huge and had A-K seating and two floors. It sat over just over 1,000 people we calculated. I dozed on and off and we arrived in Australia at 7:30am. (The time difference is 15 hours so around 4:30pm our time) it took about two hours to get our bags go through customs get the airport transfer with our bags and to arrive at school. The weather was beautiful! We got all checked in and my apartment is nice. Sadly I still have not met two of my room mates because they are traveling. They are both Australian males. (The apartment has four bed rooms and four bath rooms) My other roommate I just met today and she is 25 and from Germany. She is a bit shy but I am excited to get to know her.

Anyways the first day consisted of slight unpacking, hanging out at the pool, meeting some new people, grocery shopping, making dinner, and relaxing with some friends. I got made fun of for going to bed at 10pm brisbane time which is about 7:30am our time so I was TIRED.

The this morning I woke up at 4:50am and stayed in bed a bit then got up and journaled had an Australian version of frosted flakes. We explored campus. The architecture is much different, and saw my first kangaroo! We then took the bus to Mooloolabah, about a 12 minute ride to the ocean beach and town. The ocean was like bath water, the saltiest ocean water I have ever tasted, and a blast. I did get a bit burnt on my shoulders and face even though I put on my 30 sfp about 10 times over six hours. We got back made dinner then I took a nap which is why I am still up now. It was thunder and lightening tonight and while running to the pavilion (a gathering place/ place for students to hang out) I must have bumped into leaves because I felt something wet on my neck (my hair was down) I grabbed it and it was a tree frog! It must have been in my hair for about half an hour. Scary!!! My first up close and personal experience with nature.. minus that my room was infested with baby ants (also got that taken care of and they are now gone pheww)

Bed for me now because I have international student orientation from 8:30 am- 7pm with out much break at all!

Next day

Orientation was not like orientation at BW it was quite boring and we had a ton of information thrown at us at once. But overall it was a good day in some ac to let the sunburn heal.

I’m happy since i’ve been here I’ve already expanded my food options. Growing up I was the biggest picky eater and still am. I am a vegetarian and tend to stick to what I know. I have tried and loved shrimp here I also like vegetarian sausages. I don't know what is in them and I don't think I want to.
After orientation I met my two other room mates! I was so excited it was so quite in here. They are both nice and I am excited they are friendly. It will help meeting new Australian friends if I have someone to talk with.