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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

The First Snow!

It’s roughly 8:45 pm on November 11th  and the first snow of the year has just begun to fall. I’ve always enjoyed the first snow, the crisp air, the frosty ground, a slight breeze carrying the snow past street lights, and the bright white sky coming down on me. Since I was a child I have never been a fan of the Fall season, and it’s been my belief that if it’s going to be cold and rainy I would rather it simply snow.

One of my roomates is from Florida, and this is only his 3rd winter season as he is now a junior here at BW. It was amusing to see his negativity about the snow and the cold, and that he took out his heaviest winter jacket on the first day we saw some frozen precipitation. I guess that’s just how geographic differences work; those in the south think it’s the end of the world while we here in the north think that snow is better than rain. Regardless of your feelings, thoughts, or emotions about the snow you can’t help but to appreciate the element of beauty it adds to our campus here as the trees are covered in white and the bricks on every walkway are sprinkled with frosty snow. It’s important to appreciate the seasons here in Ohio because many places in the west or around the world have one season: Hot or Cold…and that’s no fun!