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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Fall is heating up

As the leaves begin to fall, and the breeze gets cooler, it seems the school work and expectations have been heating up and quite honestly I was completely oblivious! With soccer season taking up my weeks and weekends, it’s hard not to simply come home after practice and lay on the couch. Yet, here at BW they demand excellence, and I know that’s the level they expect everybody to strive for in order to be a quality student here. Anything short of excellence is a real shocker on that test you thought you studied enough for, and I don’t like being shocked.

So, as any student would, I searched for something that would help me stay on top of my work. I stumbled across this site called quizlet , and it’s incredible. I can create flash cards or write essays and have them reviewed; it’s essentially an online backpack that helps to keep everything organized. I highly recommend it when studying for a test, working on a long homework assignment, or just trying to get ahead of the game before midterms and finals turn you into a zombie. I’ve provided a link above to the site where I first mention it, so whenever you’re struggling or want to switch up your routine try it out!