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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College


So as the year comes to a close, and those April showers bring May flowers, most of us are already checked out of school and thinking of where we’ll be spending our summer. I’ve been to Florida so many times it’s ridiculous, so I’m thinking about going on a road trip with a few buddies. I’m not sure where? East coast or West? Which state? Which city? All of these are questions I’ve been running through my head from class to class. I have grandparents that live in Colorado but plan to move to Pennsylvania in June so clearly that’s an issue. I have an aunt and uncle in North Carolina but I went there last year for a week during the spring. So I’m thinking somewhere like New York City, or maybe even the long haul to the West Coast like San Diego! Regardless of where I end up I highly recommend you all stay off your computers and phones, put on your swimming trunks and hop in the car for a ride to the beach. Life’s too short to spend it sitting inside, enjoy Mother Nature, and most importantly enjoy yourself!