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Please Don’t Draft Me!

Unfortunately, the Browns have yet another early pick in this year’s draft. The old mantra that we’re “rebuilding” is quite frankly getting old. As a lifelong fan of Cleveland’s most famed franchise I think it’s imminent that this year we make some smart choices. We don’t go for the Brandon Weeden move’s in the first round that astound viewers across the nation, we don’t draft the Braylon Edwards based on “wow” factor from various draft scouts. Our best draft picks of recent have been Joe Thomas and Alex Mack; small names, big output. It’s necessary to look at the intangibles rather than the name, and we barely even keep the big names we draft. Braylon Edwards isn’t even in the league anymore, Trent Richardson hasn’t had a chance to escape yet, and Brandon Weeden will most likely retire here because he’s already 30! It’s true that every book you read is just a different combination of 26 letter’s, the Browns are starting to look like the same bad book with only a few variations in those 26 letters. Don’t be surprised if the new management trades back and don’t be surprised if we don’t get any players you’ve heard of before, but along with that don’t be surprised if we have a successful year because a draft like this, which I rate at a solid B, has the potential to produce 10-15 pro bowlers within the next four years. With a good amount of early picks we could pick up two more pro bowlers, and that could pick up two more playoff wins, now wouldn’t that be nice?