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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

A helpful staff

This past Thursday, as the lake erie wind gusts swept through campus and the few brave squirrells jumped from limb to limb, I walked to Kamm Hall in preparation to have another regular class on another regular day, with the same regular teachers and the usual group of friends. However, I was wrong, happily wrong that is. I climbed the steps to the second floor just in time to make it to my seet before the door closed and directly behind me walked a Career Services staff member that was supposed to give us a few handouts, do her talk, and leave within 10 minutes. That didn't happen, she actually stayed for almost an hour (her presentation only lasted 10 minutes) and answered questions about personal issues, fears, or anxiety we were having about jobs, interviews, and internships. I was amazed at how much she knew, how caring she was, and how it was a pleasure for her to be helping us. A student behind me asked about a phone interview he was having later that day and she gave him hints I never would have thought of such as stand when your on the phone to avoid slumping and losing projection in your voice, or keeping your resume in hand to prepare for the next question, or even answering every question by giving an example of experience to elaborate on every point. Truly shocking this womans knowledge, and I learned more in that hour than I had from any weekly email I receive from the Career Service department. I highly recommend going there if you have a job interview or your just starting to write your resume, they'll sit with you and talk to you like a person they care for rather than another student on campus. I'll post a link here if you have a few extra minutes to check the site, otherwise head to Bonds one day this week and brush up on your career path, it's always better to be safe than sorry.