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First Post!

Hello all,
I'm Cody Smith, a new blogger here at Baldwin Wallace, and I thought I'd use this first one as a way to introduce myself to the readers. I'm a freshman from Brunswick Ohio majoring in Broadcasting/Mass Communications and Journalism, hopefully I'll be broadcasting sports one day on ESPN! I'm very passionate about sports, I play soccer and run track here at BW and I've had nothing but great experiences with my teammates from both squads. I played both sports back in Brunswick and fortunately gained All-Ohio honors in each while I stayed involved in academic and volunteer clubs.

High School was a great time for me and being here at BW has been much of the same. I like to keep things simple and light hearted as far as personality traits go. I guess to leave off with something interesting I have 4 older sisters (and all my family pets are female). I know you probably just thought to yourself "Oh, wow, poor kid!" Your right. Poor me. Four older sisters = unbelievable torture. It's not all bad, so on a more serious note, I'll try to post some funny things and keep you informed with what's "cool" on the "streets", Bagley that is. I hope you all enjoy my future blogs AFTER you enjoy this lucky weather.
Thanks for reading!