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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

An incredible conservatory

As I sit here watching the Oscars on a brisk Sunday night with my homework close by, I can’t help but appreciate the talent on screen. To be an actor is one of the most difficult professions one young soul can embark on, and the most impressive part to me is the correlation between young and old, as well as the respect they all share for each other. From Anne Hathaway to Samuel L. Jackson the mutual appreciation and fondness between these talented people is truly enlightening. I enjoy seeing that the Academy upholds their standards, not simply giving awards to those that scored at the box office but those that truly impacted the film society and incorporated life changing themes and plots to impress all audiences.

I am personally a movie buff myself, especially after a film and culture class I took last semester. I learned the true beauty of films and the incredible amount of work that goes into every scene let alone all screen play. This leads me however, to my main point: The Conservatory of Music and theatre here at Baldwin Wallace is a department I have eventually gained an unparalleled amount of respect for. Each student sacrificing all they can to make an audition, attain a new goal as the main character in a play or production, and working each day to perfect their craft. Not a day goes by where I walk across campus and don’t hear an amazing voice from a member of the conservatory reaching notes of professional stature. I enjoy attending the productions that our program here puts on for students and the community as a whole, and continue to watch every different genre performed throughout the year. As stated on the University website students are taught “Excellence in applied study, theory, and musicianship, offering six Bachelor of Music degree programs, a Bachelor of Music Education degree to prepare graduates in the 21st century, and a Bachelor of Arts Major or Minor in Music.” There are various events being performed just during this spring semester; including the 81st Annual Bach Festival which is often considered the most prominent and impressive show that the department puts on. I highly recommend clearing a spot on the calendar for that event. Those interested in such a field and a pursuit of excellence in the arts should absolutely take a look at the program. Baldwin Wallace has built into a true masterpiece, otherwise, at least try to attend a concert or two…they could influence you to change your path.