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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

A Pilgrimage

Most of us forget our heritage, where we came from, and why we’re here in America in the first place. We were pilgrims, immigrants from across the pond in search of land to cultivate and use to our advantage; a Pandora of sorts. The key word in that last sentence was immigrants. Immigrants because that issue is now a major topic of discussion across Capitol Hill and in the Oval Office. What to do about current immigrants (not all are Hispanic!) and immigration reform. President Obama is interesting enough, committed to supporting a comprehensive overhaul of U.S Immigration law. Now my views on immigrants are worthless here because I’m bias. Not directly bias because of an event, but because I’m an American. We are often taught at a young age that we are the best. We learn to turn a cold shoulder to foreigners and if we follow history at all, if we don’t like you we walk in with big guns and take care of that issue. Not to be so cynical, but that’s to say the least in lemans terms, and this may be the issue with committing to a reform right now. Here at Baldwin Wallace we have a wide array of students from every ethnicity and every race, all of whom are treated equally and given the same opportunities as I, a white male would receive, and I find that wonderful. However, if you are receiving an opportunity as an American, as a free person enjoying the luxury of that freedom, and somebody who is not technically taking the correct steps to be here, but rather jumped the fence per say, would you feel obligated to think that you perhaps deserve a particular opportunity more than that illegal person? Simply a question of course, but hypothetically in getting into a prestigious academic institution various questions of ethnicity are asked on applications and therefore you must answer accordingly. Now regardless of your race if you’re a legal American and a person of illegal stature here takes the last spot on the accepted list over you because a law was reformed by Barack Obama, would you not mind on the basis of equality? Or would you call the President yourself to give him your own two cents? I think I would side with the former here for sake of argument, however, I think views differ and I believe our generation is changing into a more accepting culture. I like this change and I think it is a positive, absolutely, but yet it could raise questions like I have raised here. I hope you enjoyed my opinion, try to stay on top of current issues like this!

I’ve supplied a few websites here below for great information on this topic: