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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Group Projects

So normally, I’m not a fan of group projects, but I’ve been working on one in my upper level Philosophy class, which has been pretty interesting.

Once you start to get to your upper level major classes, you tend to recognize some faces. I’m currently experiencing that. My partner, Sondra, and I have had about three classes together, and now we’re finally getting to work on a project together.

Now, some of the things we do in Philosophy are crazy and weird, but exciting. We met to discuss our project yesterday, and spent an hour and a half filling up two huge blackboards with notes and theories. And we ended up figuring out how the universe was created, so….it was pretty awesome.

Group projects can be pretty fun and interesting, especially when it’s with someone you’ve seen around before, but have never really gotten to know. They can really help you make some friends, so I look forward to them a little more.