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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Good Time to be an Athlete!

For those of you who don’t know, I play golf here at BW, and I’m super proud to be a student-athlete!

Here at BW, you’re a student first and an athlete second, but being an athlete is a ton of fun. I’m on the golf team, so obviously it’s not as big as the rest of the sports team, but the girls on the team have become some of my best friends here.

I’m gonna plug the golf team a little bit here. We made it to NCAA Nationals last year and got a free trip to Florida. This past weekend, I shot my best tournament score of my career! I’m proud of myself and my team for doing such a good job.

In addition to our golf program, our soccer team is currently ranked 10th in the nation and our football team is currently 3-1. Go visit the athletic page to go read some more about us.  Tomorrow is our homecoming game against Ohio Northern, and we’re going to Swarm the Bears!