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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

I Was On TV!!!

Okay. Not that I spoke to a reporter or camera guy or anything, but I was still on TV. BW (as it is now going to be abbreviated because we’re going to be a University, and getting rid of our hyphen!) is actually the school in the OAC conference that has aired the most sports games on Sports Time Ohio, Ohio’s local sports channel.

This Saturday was a women’s basketball game, and I do the scoreboard, so I had to go be at the game. And since they were filming, I was on TV like every 30 seconds as the cameras went back and forth across the floor. You couldn’t really tell it was me, but I still had my 15 seconds of fame. Lol.

I’m really happy they filmed that game because it was a nail biter. We were 17 points down with less than 10 minutes left and managed to come back and win by 5. I was shaking by the end because I didn’t want to mess up. All in all, it was a great win, and one of our girls scored 27 points! Holy crap. That was crazy.

Click here! To go to the article about the game and read it.