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BW News:

Collaborative Research, Living Unite Summer Scholar Students

Seven BW students have been named Summer Scholars for 2011. The program, now in its eighth year, enables students to pursue a research or creative project of their design under the supervision of a faculty mentor. They live in community throughout the summer and regularly share their varied research projects with each other, with faculty mentors, and with other students and faculty involved in summer research. The program is enriched by seminars and field trips. The scholars include:

  Erin McCafferty (collaborating with Professor Mark Williams, film studies)
Research Focus:
A Look Into a Film-maker’s Viewfinder
A junior majoring in film studies and arts management, she hopes to learn more about documentary film-making as an art form and the equipment used in the process.
  Suzanna Prodan (collaborating with Dr. Andrew Mickley, neuroscience)
Research Focus:
Testing the Limits of Fetal Learning
A junior majoring in chemistry, she will be furthering her studies on fetal brain development in order to gain a better understanding of learning that begins at the fetal level.

Amanda Ross (collaborating with Dr. Beth Hiser, Conservatory of Music)
Research Focus: Pop Brass: Lady Gaga
A sophomore majoring in trumpet performance, she hopes to expand her knowledge in the art of arranging songs. "This project will help me understand what it takes to actually arrange a work of music and have it be performed while developing my skills as a successful musician all around."


Victoria Dreiling (collaborating with Dr. Michael Kovach, biology)
Research Focus: Lifestyle of the Wolbachia

A senior majoring in biology, she seeks to gain research experience in a collaborative setting. Upon graduation, she plans to search for a job in the research field. "I would love to eventually get involved in medicine, but I'd like to keep my options open."

  Adam Brown (collaborating with Dr. Jaimy Dyer, exercise science)
Research Focus:
Comparing Ridiculosity in Supervised and Unsupervised College Aged Males
A junior majoring in exercise science, he plans to compare the results of the workout program developed by BW students to the Insanity workout program called Ridiculosity. He will compare body fat percentage, VO2max speed, anaerobic capacity, agility and lower body power.


Mary Frame (collaborating with Dr. Carol Gregory, sociology)
Research Focus: Fatality Review: Comparing Factors in International Versus Accidental Violent Death
A junior majoring in psychology and criminal justice, she will look at the circumstances leading to violent death, with a specific focus on the relationship between domestic violence and violent death.

  Joe Luchsinger (collaborating with Dr. Ed Meyer, physics)
Research Focus:
Applied Calculus Course
A junior majoring in neuroscience, psychology and physics, he plans to use his Summer Scholars opportunity to create an effective, problem-solving-based applied calculus course for undergraduates.