Master of Arts - Education


Graduate Application Instructions for K-12 Teachers and Administrators

The following credentials are required for candidates applying to the Master of Arts in Education program:

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College/University Transcripts 

  • Official copies of ALL undergraduate and graduate college/university transcripts must be mailed directly from each college/university you attended to the BW Admission Office, including courses that may be recorded on another school's transcript. 
  • Teachers employed by one of the BW School Partnership Program school districts may have copies of their transcripts sent to the BW Admission Office directly from their Board of Education office. 
  • All coursework attempted is part of your academic record and considered in the application process, even if that coursework is no longer consistent with your academic goals.
  • The Admission Committee recommends a GPA of 2.75 or above. In limited cases, the Admission Committee may request that candidates take the Miller's Analogies Test and submit official results if the qualifying GPA is less than 2.75.
  • Print transcript request forms

Teaching Certificate or License

  • Once your application has been submitted, the Admission Committee will check with the Ohio Department of Education to verify each applicant's certificate or licensure history.
  • Teaching certificate/license is not required for admission to the License+Master's Program.


License+Master's Program

  • If you are a college graduate who wants to become a licensed teacher (leading to the provisional or professional educator's license in Ohio), follow the instructions for Master of Arts in Education candidates listed above.  
  • Candidates for the License+Master's and Licensure Only programs are selected based on application credentials, including academic preparation; relevant work, community or teaching experience with children and young adults; recommendations from professionals in the field; and personal dispositions/attributes that support success in a teaching career.  
  • Once your application has been submitted, you will be contacted by the Admission Office to schedule an interview with members of the Admission Committee as part of the application process.   


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