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For Financial Aid

 2013-14 Forms 

  1. 2013-14 Enrollment Worksheet for Independent Students. (Please do not submit your enrollment worksheet until we have requested it from you. Doing so may delay the processing of your financial aid award.)

  2. 2013-14 Summer Aid Application for DEPENDENT STUDENTS ONLY. To be completed by DEPENDENT STUDENTS ONLY, who wish to have their eligibility for the Summer 2013 semester determined. Independent students must report summer enrollment on their enrollment worksheet. This form will become available when Summer 2013 registration begins.

  3. 2013-14 Verification Worksheet. To be completed by students who have been selected for verification, only if requested. Do not complete this form unless you have been specifically asked to do so by the Office of Financial Aid. You can type directly into this form, but then it must be printed so that you/your parents can sign it. 

  4. 2013-14 Federal Direct Loan Change Form (loans in the student's name only). To be completed by students who a) have already received a Financial Aid Award Letter that shows Federal Direct Loan eligibility, and b) who wish to change the amount of Federal Direct Loan(s) that have been offered to them by either declining, reducing, or requesting a loan that had previously been declined or reduced. If your parent has been denied a parent PLUS loan, you can use this form to request additional unsubsidized loan. 

  5. 2013-14 Federal Direct PLUS Loan Change Form (loans in the parents' names only).  To be completed by parents who a) have already applied for and been approved for a parent PLUS loan, and b) wish to change the amount of loan.

  6. 2013-14 Scholarship & Special Award Application - online submission only.

  7. 2013-14 Special Circumstance Review Request. To be completed by students and their families if they are experiencing a financial situation that is not reflected on the student's 2013-14 FAFSA.

  8. 2013-14 New Undergraduate Student Plan. Are you a new undergraduate student? Follow these 10 steps to get your financial aid in order before the fall semester billing statement is mailed by the Billing Office in August! Click here for a printer-friendly version. 

  9. 2013-14 Financing Worksheet for Full-Time Undergraduate Students. 

  10. 2013-14 Financing Worksheet for Part-Time Undergraduate Students.

  11. 2013-14 Financing Worksheet for Graduate Students. 

  12. BW Employee Tuition Remission Request Form. To be completed by employees of the University who are requesting tuition benefits at Baldwin Wallace University.

  13. 2013-14 Transient Financial Aid Consortium Agreement (and policy). To be completed by BW students who are at least half-time at BW (6 credits for undergraduate students; 3 credits for graduate students) AND will also be enrolled at another institution. Please be sure to submit the other required documentation (Transient Permit Form from the BW Registration Office and a copy of your bill from your other institution) when you submit the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement Form.We cannot process your request until all documents have been received.

  14. "Choose Ohio First" ScholarshipIncoming freshmen, transfer students, adult learners, and veterans who have been admitted to Baldwin Wallace University and have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are eligible to apply. Students must submit an application and nomination form and may be asked to participate in an interview. 

  15. United Methodist Scholarship Application. To be completed by students who wish to be considered for the United Methodist Scholarship. Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and must have been a member of the United Methodist Church for at least one year. *Note: You must also submit a Certification of Membership form, to be completed by your Pastor, along with your application. For additional information, please visit the United Methodist Higher Education Web Site.

  16. 2013-14 TEACH Grant Request Form. Available on the BW TEACH Grant Policy page. Please read the information presented on that page for specific details about who is eligible to apply for a TEACH Grant before completing and submitting the request form. 

  17. 2013-14 Perkins Loan Rejection Form. This form should only be used by students who wish to decline the Federal Perkins Loan that is included in their 2013-14 financial aid award from BW.

  18. 2013-14 Grade Level Advance/Loan Request Form. This form should only be used by students who have advanced a grade level after the Fall 2013 semester and would the Financial Aid Office to process their new Federal student loan eligibility that results from this advance. Note: freshman-to-sophomore and sophomore-to-junior grade level advances ONLY. This form will be available after the Fall 2013 semester has ended.

  19. 2013-14 Food Stamps Received Verification Form. This form should only be completed and submitted if the FAO has requested it from you. Do not submit this form if we have not asked you to do so.

  20. 2013-14 Child Support Paid Verification Form. This form should only be completed and submitted if the FAO has requested it from you. Do not submit this form if we have not asked you to do so.

  21. GradPLUS Loan Change Form. This form should only be used by graduate students who have applied for, been approved, and already received GradPLUS funds but now wish to reduce the amount of the loan.