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Swarm the gym night


Swarm the Gym Night

February 18, 2015

Check-in: 5:00pm

Durst Welcome Center
115 Tressel Street
Berea, OH 44017



Can ‘t make a trip to BW during the day?  Join us for a tour of campus under the stars, admission presentation, dinner and Swarm the Gym as our Women’s Basketball team faces an OAC rival!   This event is for sophomores, juniors and seniors and not just student-athletes, but for any student who wants to experience the pride of our student body and spirit of our campus.  Check-in begins at 5:00 for our 5:15 admission presentation, followed by dinner for you and your family, a tour of campus and Swarm the Gym at Ursprung Gymnasium! Register now to experience what it is like to be a Yellow Jacket!

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