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In your heart you always knew you should teach.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics predicts that the need for teachers will grow between between 9 and 16 percent by 2018.  Forty to 50 percent of the current teacher work force will be retiring or leaving the profession during that time.  

Attend a Teacher Information Night 

Baldwin Wallace University works with many adults who are changing career directions to become teachers.  Adults bring perspectives and life experiences that support the importance of education, along with the desire to begin a new career that will be challenging and fulfilling.

BW works with each student individually to assess whether any coursework taken at previous colleges may count toward teacher licensure, and to lay out a curriculum plan that offers as much flexibility as possible.  Some courses are available in the evening, but plan to take upper-level education courses and field experiences during the day. 


Teaching Areas

Curriculum Requirements

Early Childhood

PreKindergarten through grade 3.   Leads to a B.S. in Early Childhood Education.

Middle Childhood

Grades 4 - 9.   Leads to a B.S. in Middle Childhood Education.  Middle school teachers must be licensed in two subject areas from the following four: 

  • Reading and Language Arts

  • Science

  • Mathematics

  • Social Studies.  

Adolescent/Young Adult

Grades 7 - 12.  Bachelor's degree is in the major that correlates with the teaching area - for example, Integrated Language Arts might be a B.A. in English with Adolescent/Young Adult teaching licensure in Integrated Language Arts. Teaching areas: 

  • Integrated Language Arts

  • Integrated Mathematics

  • Integrated Science

  • Life Sciences

  • Physical Sciences

  • Integrated Social Studies. 


PreK - grade 12.  Bachelor's degree is in the major that correlates with the teaching area - for example, Visual Arts might be a B.A. in Studio Art with Multi-Age teaching licensure in Visual Arts. Multi-age teaching areas are: 

  • Foreign Languages (French, German, or Spanish)

  • Health

  • Physical Education

  • Music (through the Conservatory of Music)

  • Visual Arts

Mild/Moderate Educational Needs

Previously called Specific Learning Disabled, this Intervention Specialist License is for Kindergarten through grade 12.  Also offered as a graduate specialization in the Master of Arts in Education Program.   Leads to a B.S. in Mild/Moderate Educational Needs.