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Short Term Programs with Far Reaching Results.

Certificate Program in Sustainability

What would it mean to live in a sustainable world— where we can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs? How do we reconcile competing environmental, economic and cultural demands? The future of the planet and humanity hangs in the balance amid our struggle to cultivate solutions.

The Sustainability Certificate offers a broad foundation for understanding issues important to the emergent field of sustainability.  Career fields in sustainability include corporate or municipal sustainability officer, non-profit environmental work, testing, marketing and sales of “green products” and environmental consulting and analysis.

The Certificate consists of six courses for a total of 18-19 semester hours.  More than half of the courses must be completed at Baldwin Wallace University and the remaining two courses may be transferred from other colleges or universities. Classes are offered days and evenings/weekends.

All courses in this certificate may be used to meet major requirements in the B.A. in Sustainability.

Choose at least two of the following courses from the sciences:  

GEO 121IL     Physical Geography                              4 credits
BIO 110L       Biology for the Citizen                            3 credits
CHM 200I      Environmental Crisis?   What Crisis?       3 credits 

Choose at least two of the following courses from the liberal arts:

ECN 358      Environmental Economics                       3 credits*   
PHL 263D    Environmental Ethics                              3 credits
POL 205      Environmental Politics                             3 credits

Choose at least one of the following business courses:

BUS 305     Introduction to Management          3 credits   
BUS 329     Business Ethics                          3 credits
BUS 360I     International Business Ethics       3 credits

*prerequisite required

Choose one additional course from any of the above listed courses to complete the certificate.

BW Certificate Programs

Build focused knowledge in a career-relevant area without completing an entire degree program.  Certificates update and enhance career credentials.  All courses are available in the Adult & Continuing Education Program, and may be completed on a part-time schedule.  Certificate courses may be used to meet bachelor degree requirements.