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  • BW Baldwin Wallace College

Short Term Programs with Far Reaching Results.

Certificate Program in 
Organizational Leadership


The Organizational Leadership Certificate is designed to enhance leadership skills needed to manage and develop the tremendous human potential within any given workforce, with a focus on change and restructuring processes within organizations. This certificate provides a dynamic base of knowledge and skills to deal effectively with issues of leadership, organizational change and effective problem-solving.  

The Certificate in Organizational Leadership requires six college courses (18 credit hours). Two of the six courses may be transferred from other accredited colleges and universities. Classes are offered days, evenings/weekends and online.

All courses in this certificate may be used to meet major requirements in the B.A. in Organizational Leadership


Required courses:

     BUS 305  Principles of Management  3 credits
     BUS 409D  Behavioral Theories of Management  3 credits
     LDR 201  Introduction to Leadership Studies  3 credits
     LDR 202D  Contemporary Leadership Problems  3 credits
     SOC 210  Work Matters: Work & Work Settings  3 credits

Choose one of the following:

     LDR 125  Diversity Leadership  3 credits
     PSY 321  Human Relations and Group Dynamics  3 credits
     SOC 290D  Gender Roles  3 credits
     SOC 301D  Social Inequalities  3 credits

BW Certificate Programs

Build focused knowledge in a career-relevant area without completing an entire degree program.  Certificates update and enhance career credentials.  All courses are available in the Adult & Continuing Education Program, and may be completed on a part-time schedule.  Certificate courses may be used to meet bachelor degree requirements.