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Short Term Programs.

Far Reaching Results.


Ready for a new direction?  BW offers certificate and
post-baccalaureate programs that require less coursework than a traditional bachelor's degree, and open doors to new career opportunities.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are designed to build focused knowledge in a career-relevant area without requiring that students complete an entire degree program.   BW
Certificates are sets of six college courses that develop knowledge and competencies in a work-relevant area.  Taken part-time with accelerated and/or online course formats, many certificate programs may be completed in less than a year; perhaps just two or three semesters.

All certificate courses are part of the regular BW curriculum, and may also be used to meet bachelor degree requirements in the adult degree completion program at Baldwin Wallace University.   For those who have completed a degree, certificates are a great way to update career skills and add a new academic credential to your resume.


Post-Bacc Programs

Similar to certificate programs, these post-baccalaureate programs lead to new career opportunities that require specific licensure requirements.