Theatre and Dance



Story and Book by                Music and Lyrics by 
PETER STONE                    MAURY YESTON

The sinking of the Titanic remains the quintessential disaster of the 20th century. The incredible story of the finest, largest, strongest, "unsinkable" ship in the world sinking during its maiden voyage has enthralled the world for a century.  Now, at the centennial mark of that fateful event, we raise the mythical ship once again.  The musical play TITANIC examines the causes, the conditions and the characters involved in this compelling drama, and explores provocative questions: is bigger, faster and stronger always better? Is the advancement of technology always progress? What is the value of human life? This multiple Tony Award-winning work has a cast of compelling characters with moving personal stories, but the uniqueness of TITANIC is that the central character in the drama is the great ship herself.

Directed by Scott Plate



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