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Greg Vovos

Greg Vovos is a playwright and director, as well as the Artistic Director of TITLEWave theatre, a company that produces exclusively original plays.  Since returning to Cleveland after earning his MFA in Playwriting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Greg has directed at theatres all across town, including Dobama, Cleveland Public Theatre, Charenton Theater Company and TITLEWave theatre.  He has assisted at the Cleveland Play House, and has taught and acted at the Beck Center for the Arts.  He has also taught at Tri-C West and UNLV. He has produced and directed many critically-acclaimed plays, including Julie Jensen's Wait! for which he was awarded a Cleveland Theater Collective Achievement Award for his directing.  His writing has been published by Dramatic Publishing, Originalworksonline and PPT Press, and his plays have been produced all over the world.  He also works as a dramaturg, reader, and occasionally as an actor.  A member of  the Cleveland Theater Collective, he believes strongly in the Cleveland theater scene.  While a student in Las Vegas, aside from being the President of the Graduate Playwriting Organization and a producer of Cafe Copioh, he also helped found The Asylum Theater, a professional theater company in Vegas committed to producing original works.  He has a BA in English from The Ohio State University.  He is married to Jean Marie and they have a son, Matthew, and a daughter, Sophia.

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