Independent Study

To register for independent study courses students must file an Independent Study Form signed by the supervising professor and the department chairman with the Registrar's Office during the first five days of the semester. Independent Study projects where credits total more than four hours in a semester require the approval of the academic dean prior to registration. No more than 20 semester hours total (and no more than 10 hours in a single academic department) may be counted toward the 124 required for graduation.

Approved independent study proposals may not duplicate a course presently in the curriculum without permission of the department. Independent study is an individualized academic investigation carried out by a student under faculty supervision. Any full-time or part-time student who is in good standing (that is, not on probation) may participate in an approved independent study.

Independent study projects may run more than one semester and will be considered completed upon presentation of an oral or written report or other demonstration of proficiency as established by the department. The quality of the student's performance will be evaluated on an S/U basis by the supervising faculty member.

Students have the option of having their independent study project graded on the A+ through F system. The students' choice of the A+ through F system must meet the approval of the supervising faculty member. The students must declare their intent concerning the grading system to the registrar no later than the fifth day of classes of the semester in which the project is undertaken.