Public History


Public History Faculty

Professor Evans

Connie S. Evans
Ph.D., Louisiana State University (1996)
Teaching areas: British history, especially Tudor-Stuart England, 
social history, early modern Europe
Marting 311
(440) 826-2282

Professor Gesink

Indira J. Falk Gesink, Department Chair
Ph.D., Washington University in St. Louis (2000)
Teaching areas: Middle East and Islam, intellectual/cultural history,
women's history, world civilizations, local history, historiography 
Marting 308
(440) 826-2280

Professor Montgomery

Robert Montgomery
Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington (1995)
Teaching areas: Russian history, especially native Siberian peoples,
East Asia, world civilizations
Marting 301
(440) 826-2299

Professor Siry

Steven E. Siry 
Ph.D., University of Cincinnati (1986)
Teaching areas:  Colonial and Revolutionary America, Jeffersonian and
Jacksonian America, Civil War America, Victorian America, History of War
Marting 310
(440) 826-2141

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