Recent Papers

Thomas, B.L., Vurbic, D., & Novak, C.  (2009).  Extensive extinction in multiple contexts eliminates renewal of conditioned fear in rats.  Learning and Motivation, 40, 147-159. PDF File

Thomas, B.L.  (2008).  Learning.  In Maher, D. and Alexander, T. (Eds.) Psychology: Discovering the Universe Within (2nd Ed.).  (pp 195-228).  Pearson: Los Angeles, CA. 

Thomas, B.L.  (2006).  Learning.  In Vukov, B. (Ed.), Psychology: Exploring Our Universe Within.  (pp. 195-231).  Pearson: Los Angeles, CA.

Thomas, B.L.  (2006).  Learning and Memories: An animated introduction to how new information is acquired and stored.  Part 1: beginnings.

Thomas, B.L., Longo, C.L. and Ayres, J.J.B. (2005).  Thwarting the Renewal (Relapse) of Conditioned Fear with the Explicitly Unpaired Procedure: Possible Interpretations and Implications for Treating Human Fears and Phobias.  Learning and Motivation, 36, 374-407.  PDF file

Boughner, R. L., Thomas, B. L., & Papini, M. R. (2004). Effects of Nonreinforced Preexposure to the Context on Autoshaping in Rats: Methodological Implications for Demonstrations of Latent Inhibition.  International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 17, 168-184.  PDF file.

Thomas, B.L., & Ayres, J.J.B. (2004).Use of the ABA Fear Renewal Paradigm to Assess the Effects of Extinction with Co-present Fear Inhibitors or Excitors: Implications for Theories of Extinction and for Treating Human Fears and Phobias. Learning and Motivation, 35, 22-52. PDF file.

Thomas, B.L., Larsen, N., & Ayres, J.J.B. (2003). Role of context similarity in ABA, ABC, and AAB renewal paradigms: Implications for theories of renewal and for treating human phobias. Learning and Motivation, 34, 410-436. PDF file.

Thomas, B.L., and Papini, M.R. (2003). Mechanisms of spaced-trial runway extinction in pigeons. Learning and Motivation, 34, 104-126. PDF file.

Papini, M. R., Thomas, B. L., & McVicar, D. G. (2002). Between-subject PREE and within-subject reversed PREE in spaced-trial extinction with pigeons. Learning and Motivation, 33, 485-509. PDF file

Rauhut, A.S., Thomas, B.L., & Ayres, J.J.B. (2001). Treatments that weaken Pavlovian conditioned fear and thwart its renewal in rats: Implications for treating human phobias. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 27(2), 99-114. PDF file.

Thomas, B.L., & Papini, M.R. (2001). Adrenalectomy eliminates the extinction spike in autoshaping with rats. Physiology & Behavior, 72, 543-547. PDF file.

Thomas, B.L., Huneycutt, D., & Papini, M.R. (1998). Reward magnitude, but not time of day, influences the trial spacing effect in autoshaping with rats. Physiology & Behavior, 65(3), 423-427. PDF file.

Papini, M.R., & Thomas, B.L. (1997). Spaced-trial operant learning with purely instrumental contingencies in pigeons (Columba livia). International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 10(3), 128-136. PDF file.


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