Full-Time Faculty Members

Dr. Dwyer

Michael D. Dwyer, Ph. D., Professor 
Alma Mater:   Syracuse University 
Teaching Expertise:   Cognitive, Abnormal, Personality,  Adult Adaptation, Adolescent, Family Dynamics 
Scholarly interests:   Aggression intervention, Family therapy in  school settings, Treatment program evaluation 


Dr. Esty

Debora M. Esty, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 
Alma Mater: University of Akron
Teaching Expertise:   Diversity, Psychology of Gender, Social Psychology, Counseling Psychology
Scholarly interests:   Diversity issues and food issues, Stress and coping, Fat prejudice, Eating disorders

Dr. Green

Lisa B. Green, Ph. D., Professor 
Alma Mater:   The Ohio State University 
Teaching Expertise:   Abnormal, Clinical, Child Development, Child Psychopathology, Introductory Principles, Human Relations & Group Dynamics
Scholarly interests:   Divorce and custody issues, Child abuse, Adult victimization, Eating Disorders

Dr. Grubb

Dale D. Grubb, Ph. D., Associate Professor 
Alma Mater:   The Ohio State University 
Teaching Expertise:   Developmental, Child Development, Adolescent Development, Aging, Introductory Principles, Research Methods 
Scholarly interests:   Creativity, Cognitive development, Moral reasoning, Impact of parenting, Uncognitive development, Socio-moral development 

Dr. Gussett

Nancy J. Gussett, Ph. D., Associate Professor 
Alma Mater:   University of Akron 
Teaching Expertise:   Industrial/Organizational, Human Relations, Group Dynamics, Tests and Measurements, Introductory Principles 
Scholarly interests:   Testing, Selection 

Dr. Levin 

Charles A. Levin, Ph. D., Professor & Chair
Alma Mater:
   The University of Illinois
Teaching Expertise:   Sensation and Perception, Statistics, Research Methodology
Scholarly interests:   Visual perception

Dr. Perry

Jennifer L. Perry, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Alma Mater: University of Oklahoma
Teaching Expertise:   Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods, History of Psychology, Principles of Psychology
Scholarly interests:   Human memory, Multitasking, Prospective memory, Interruptions, History of Psychology

Dr. Thomas

Brian L. Thomas, Ph. D.,   Associate Professor
Alma Mater: Texas Christian University
Teaching Expertise:   Learning, Introductory Principles, Statistics, Evolutionary Psychology
Scholarly interests: Animal Learning


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