Department of Psychology
Malicky Center for Social Sciences
(440) 826-2163

Dynamic Field

Intriguing because of its focus on mental and behavioral processes, psychology is a versatile major.  It offers solid career opportunities:

  • Medicine
  • Law enforcement
  • Social work
  • Human resources
  • Marketing/sales
  • Laboratory research
  • Public relations
  • Law school
  • Advertising
Creativity to cognitive ability, sensation to stimulation ... psychology is an all-encompassing, dynamic study that cuts across a spectrum of career opportunities.

One of our most popular programs, psychology combines strong academics, scientific research and practical field experiences that prepare you for a career or success in graduate school.


Unlike some schools that limit laboratory and other hands-on work to seniors and grad students, BW offers you experiential opportunities early on.

  • Leading lab research:  Neuroscience and animal learning labs bring medical and psychological issues to the forefront.

  • Faculty mentoring: Collaborative and independent projects focused on real-world issues. One example, ECCAO (Expanding Children's Caring About Others) is a grant-based initiative to prevent aggression and violence in young children.

  • Learning with Results: National and international conferences, published articles in journals, coveted national summer research programs and Fulbright Scholarships exemplify what BW students have achieved.

  • Fantastic field experiences: Research labs, institutes for the mentally ill, and counseling and therapy facilities are a few places where students meld classroom theory with practical application.

  • Interaction with leaders in the field: Each year as part of the Harrington Lecture Series, distinguished psychologists come to campus to present lectures and share personal interaction with students and faculty.

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