Political Science


Amanda in Seville, Spain

Amanda is a junior International Studies and Spanish double major.

Amanda Van Gilder's Study Abroad in Spain

The following was written by Amanda during her study abroad in Spain during the Spring 2013 semester:

"This semester I’m studying in Seville, Spain at Pablo de Olavide University. I have a pretty full course schedule, taking a variety of international relations and Spanish classes. All of my courses are very in-depth, with almost all of them taught in Spanish, completely immersing me in the language and culture. The English/Spanish Translation course I’m taking, one of the most difficult courses offered here, has been especially intense. However, I’ve been able to work individually with my professor, even creating an online translation database for the university. I’m also living here with a family, who doesn’t know any English, which really forces me to utilize my Spanish skills-it’s great! In ad-dition, I’ve been able to witness firsthand the political and eco-nomic effects of the Euro Crisis in Spain. It has been really awesome to see what I’ve been studying at BW up-close and personal!"

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