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Lauren Helowicz, Alumni '07

Hi, I'm sorry that I am just sending out my first email to you but the only time that I have internet access is at work, and it has been busy.

So far the internship has been amazing. My first week here was spent atending secuirty briefing and getting used to everything at the Embassy.

During week #2 I was sent to the United States Mission to the UN to help out because the public affairs office was in need of help because of everything that has been going on with Iran and the IAEA. I found out that there are basically three connected US Missions in Vienna: The Embassy, The UN, and OSCE.

So last week I was able to learn a great deal about the IAEA and more first hand how the UN works. I did a great deal of research from current news clips for the office and also compiled press guidence for the Ambassador of the mission...Ambassador Schulte. I also did the typical intern thing looking up random speakers and organizing things that everyone else was too busy for. But Matt Boland, who is the spokesman at the mission gave me a great deal of responsibility.

Besides what I have mentioned I also called Arab news sources such as AlJazeera one day to obtain transcripts of interviews that the Ambassador did for them. I also contacted various US embassys around the world to obtain information for Matt and I also contacted speakers that the Ambassador was interested in having come speak in Vienna. I still come into work every mornign early to compile the daily press clips on Iran and UN issues.

This week I'm back at the Embassy and have been helping with a symposium that started yesterday on Energy and Security. It is a symposium run by my department at the Embassy. Yesterday's portion dealt mostly with enery and the problems surrounding it and a good amount of the time was spent on the iol pipelines and the security issues surrounding those. There were quite a few speakers from both America and Austria and there were a number of OPEC and IAEA members in the audience.

There are a number of other symposiums and speakers coming up in the time that I will be here so things will continue to be educational and exciting!

Other then the actual internship I have been going to museums and lectures at the University of Vienna with my roommate here. I the lectures have focused on the upcoming elections in Vienna and Austria, there have been quite a few lectures but most have been in German so I have only attended 2.

I just wanted to update you on how everything was going here!

Lauren Helowicz

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