Political Science


Emily in the White House?

 Emily is a senior Political Science and International Studies double major. 

Emily Householder- Obama Campaign

As a Field Organizer for Organizing for America, President Obama’s reelection campaign, my main job was to teach volunteers and students how to organize their own community. My job was to empower local activ-ists. I started out as a Fellow or Intern in my hometown, assisting a staff member. When someone quit and there was an opening on staff, they of-fered me the job, even though I only had 2 weeks of experience as an In-tern. I ran an office in my hometown, with 3 interns working under me. My hometown was in a very Republican part of Ohio, which certainly made for some interesting days.

There was no such thing as a typical day. I would come in with a schedule and a plan at 9 am and it would be out the window by 10:30. I worked really long hours, and went two months without a day off (I even worked weekends). By October a typical day ended after midnight. The last week I considered it a good day if I was out of the office by 4 am (and back in by 9). But working for the campaign was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had experiences you cannot have anywhere else. I met the most amazing people, everyone from single moms who feared losing their jobs, to Advisors to the President, and even Former President Bill Clinton. I was invited to the Inauguration and an Inaugural ball. And I will never forget the feeling of winning on Election night. Even though I had to work very long hours, I would not have missed it for the world.

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