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2013 Delegation - Spanish Embassy NATO

African Union 2013 award winners Maria Kyrkos and Matt Kusznir

The 2012 African Union team is at the Tunisian Embassy after being briefed by their diplomats.

For more information about Model UN & AU, contact Dr. Javier Morales-Ortiz  or Dr. Judy Krutky.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is a series of simulations run as conferences where participating teams of students from different universities learn about the inner workings of various IGOs such as the United Nations. Students gather in groups of 15 to over 1,000 to represent different member states' foreign policies and tackle various current issues throughout negotiation and debate.

Team History and Awards Won

BW's Model United Nations (UN) and Model African Union (AU) teams has been active at BW since the mid-1970s, attracting some of the brightest students on campus who regularly attend these conferences. Over the years, the team and individual members have won every award at Harvard Model UN, Model NATO, Model AU, and LEIMUN, including Best Delegation.

2012-13 Student Awards

Lake Erie Model United Nation, November 2012

---Daniela Muhaj, "Superior Award" for representing the United States in the UN Security Council. 
---Kristopher Smeage, "Chair's Mallet" for representing the United Kingdom in the UN Security Council.
--Charles Henderson, "Excellence Award" for representing the United Kingdom in the 2001 United Nations Security Council. 
---Cierra Norris, "Excellence Award" and "Chair's Mallet" for representing China in the Commission on Sustainable Development.
---Rachel Davis, "Excellence Award" for representing Denmark in the Commission on Sustainable Development.
---Maria Kyrkos, "Excellence Award" for representing Ecuador in the International Organization for Migration. 
---Elise Wallis, "Excellence Award" for representing South Africa in the International Organization for Migration. 

National Model African Union Conference, February 2013

---Matthew Kusznir, "Leadership Award" for representation for SADR in the Executive Council.
---Maria Kyrkos, "Leadership Award" and "Best Delegate Award" for representation of SADR in the Commission on Social Matters. 

What is the Value of Being a Member of BW's Model UN and Model AU Teams?

Model UN/AU offers a way to learn about the processes of international diplomacy and the way problems are solved on a global level.  Learning to function as part of a team provides an excellent pre-professional experience for students who work mostly on papers and tests in college but need to function as team members in a work force.

The communication, negotiation, and public speaking aspects of Model UN and Model AU additionally make it very relevant for students of all majors.  Indeed, Model UN and Model AU is not a program limited only to International Studies or Political Science students.  The broad nature of the skills learned cut across all majors and the experience is valuable for any major if the student has an interest in the functions of international negotiations and policymaking. Finally, Model UN and Model AU also offers students the opportunity to meet and interact with others with similar interests from across the globe, as many of the conferences are international in nature and attract students from dozens of countries each year.

Course Requirements for Participating in the BW Model UN and/or Model AU

To participate in the BW's Model UN and/or Model AU teams, students must take the prerequisite course POL 215 (a two-credit course offered during minimester A in fall 2012) one time.  Students must then take POL 216 ( a one or two credit course offered during minimester B in fall 2012 and spring 2013) if they wish to participate in any conferences that semester.  Students who desire to participate in the LEIMUN conference would take POL 216 in the fall with POL 215; students who desire to participate in the African Union Model  and/or the HNMUN conferences would take POL 215 in the fall and POL 216 in the spring.  Participation in all conferences is a possibility if students take POL 216 throughout the year.

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