Legal Studies


Legal Studies Coordinator
& Pre-Law Advisor
Barbara Palmer, Ph.D. 
Department of Political Science

"There is perhaps no better preparation for a legal career than a liberal arts education. It allows students to explore different subjects, discover what they are truly interested in, and graduate with a broader knowledge base than many of their peers."
Ryan Riesterer, 2002 BW graduate,
Regulatory Counsel,
National Association of Mortgage Brokers

Most BW students who have gone to law school have  majored in:

Political Science
International Studies
Criminal Justice

Legal Studies at Baldwin Wallace University

Legal Studies Minor

A minor in legal studies will help you improve your critical reasoning and public speaking skills, skills that are invaluable for whatever career you choose.   One of the strengths of the minor is its inter-disciplinary nature, requiring courses in political science, philosophy, and business.   A legal studies minor is a great complement to any major.  
If you see law school or some kind of legal career in your future, a legal studies minor will help you get a sense of what law school is like;  you will experience some of the basic subject matter and the classroom techniques used at most law schools. But remember that, ultimately, an excellent academic record is necessary for admission to law school.   In addition, law schools look for applicants who have credentials that distinguish them from other students.  Law schools are not as concerned about what your major is as they are about the quality of your academic record and your contributions to your campus and community.

Legal Studies Faculty include:

Kelly Coble, Ph.D. Chair of the Department of Philosophy
Peter Kwiatkowski, J.D. Division of Business Administration
Franklin Lebo, Ph.D., J.D. Department of Political Science 
Mark Mattern, Ph.D. Chair of the Department of Political Science
Barbara Palmer, Ph.D. Department of Political Science
Amy Story, Ph.D. Department of Philosophy


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