Philosophy Club-Le Cafe Philosophique

Have you ever thought that humanity sleepwalks, going through the motions without being mindful, without acting independently, without challenging convention, prejudice, or the sheer stupidity of mainstream behavior?  Have you ever thought about what it really means to be “connected”?

Have you ever craved the opportunity to engage in creative dialogue over real, universal concerns—life and death, love and hate, peace and war, joy and sadness?  BW’s “Café Philosophique,” or Café-Philo for short, encourages students to get together and dare to ask challenging questions.  Participants select topics and explore them together in a respectful dialogue format.  The setting is casual and any and all are welcome.  The main purpose of the Café-Philo is to create an atmosphere where every individual is heard and can speak freely on the day’s topic.  The only rule: listen respectfully to what others have to say.

The Club meets every Thursday afternoon.  If you have any questions, contact the faculty advisor, Kelly Coble,

Members must be full-time undergraduate students of Baldwin Wallace University, and be in good standing with Baldwin Wallace University and with Le Cafe Philosophique.




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