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Senior Thesis


Senior Thesis

One requirement of the Neuroscience major at Baldwin Wallace University is the completion of a Senior Thesis project.  This project allows a student to become fulling submerged in the research process.  A student normally begins preparation for the project towards the end of his or her junior year.  Each student is requried to complete the background research, research proposal, the study itself, data analysis, a written report, and oral defense in order to graduate from the Neuroscience Program.


Some examples include:

   Title:  Serotonin transporters in a modified forced swim test: A new model of learned helplessness    

    - Stephanie Bacik, 2007 Graduate; Currently in M.D./Ph.D. program, University of Miami  

  Title: An enriched environment reverses spatial memory deficits caused by prenatal corticosterone exposure but does not change the NR2B receptor population In the CA1 region of the hippocampus

    - Jennifer Remus, 2009 Graduate; Currently in Ph.D program, Kent State University

    Title: The role of the endogenous opiate system in the antidepressant effects of Ketamine

    - Orion Biesan, 2009 Graduate; Currently in graduate program, Cleveland State University

   Title: Acute versus chronic administration of the cannabinoid type 1 receptor agonist WIN 5521-2 on the extinction of a conditioned taste aversion.

    - Mike Hanna, 2011 Graduate; Currently in Ph.D program, University of Wisconsin
   Title: The facilitation of extinction of a Conditioned Taste Aversion by a group II metabotropic glutamate agonist
    - Chris Gutoskey, 2011 Graduate; Currently in Ph.D program, Drexel University
Title: The effects of Eticlopride and Quinpirole on spatial memory and dopamine receptor populations in the hippocampous and medial prefrontal cortex.
     - Andi Sulovari, Current Senior

  Title:  Effect of Low-dose Ketamine on Spatial Memory
     - Joe Luchsinger Current Senior



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