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We are proud of our BW Mathematics alumni! The individuals below give just a sampling of the outstanding career opportunities available to BW Mathematics majors.

Mario Giacomazzo ’13 attributes his decision to be a mathematics major to “an excellent high school teacher in mathematics who gave me a strong foundation for the future”. Mario went on to a Ph.D. program in Statistics at Arizona State University. His career goal is to teach statistics at the university level and eventually be a university president.

Mario’s favorite BW classes at BW were Abstract Algebra, Psychology and US History. Mario spent his time at BW very active in a variety of ways. His fond memories of BW include, “…serving as Student Body Vice-President and leading the charge with the help of the Student Body President to get a Smoothie Bar in the Lou Higgins Recreation Center”.

Zachery Apperson ’12 after graduating from Baldwin Wallace went on to pursue a MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management at Cleveland State University. His career goal is to become a manager in Logistics or Supply Chain and is familiar with the career as he got an internship at Airgas in logistics. Zach’s two favorite mathematics classes at BW were Discrete II and Statistics and favorite non-mathematics class was Early American Literature.

Zach decided to major in mathematics “because of its real world applications. Having a degree in mathematics helped me tremendously in my business class. I have been able to apply my coursework at BW in classes such as Supply Chain Analytics, Finance, Accounting and Marketing”. His fondest memory of BW was his freshman year in Carmel where he made friends he stays in touch with and helped shape his college experience.

Nicole Bates ’11 original plan of teaching high school mathematics led to her decision to major in mathematics. She always loved and excelled in mathematics so it seemed like a logical decision. After a few years in the program she realized that mathematics could lead to fields other than teaching. Nicole shares “I believe that majoring in mathematics was one of the best decisions I had ever made”. After graduating she went on to Bowling Green State University for a Master ‘s Degree in pure mathematics with a goal of working for the government or private sector.

Nicole’s favorite BW mathematics classes were Abstract Algebra and College Geometry. Her favorite non-mathematics classes were Spanish 201 and 202. Her best memories were the times spent with all the friends she made. The math majors turned out to be her best friends and surrogate family. “I will never forget late night student sessions in MACs, including the dance parties and many trips to the vending machines.”

Kevin Stoll ’11 graduated from the AYA Integrated Mathematics Program with a secondary teaching license. However, after taking what turned out to be his favorite mathematics classes, MTH 405 and 406, he decided to pursue his interest in Statistics at the graduate level pursuing a PhD in Statistics at Bowling Green State University. Kevin is passionate about statistical research and not sure if he wants to go the academia route or work as a statistician in the business or medical sectors stating, “Ultimately, any career that amplifies my passion for mathematics and statistics, and my willingness to help others will work for me”.

Kevin’s favorite non-mathematics class was Christian Faith and Thought. He has great memories of Baldwin Wallace and looking back cherishes the friendships and is grateful for establishing meaningful relationships with the math faculty.

Jennifer CawrseJennifer Cawrse '08 writes that "BW and its Mathematics program prepared me very well for a career in the teaching profession. Because of the wide array of classes I took as a Mathematics major, I learned a great deal about mathematics and its history; as I finished my degree I finally felt that I got to see the subject come full circle as, piece by piece, the different branches of mathematics began to fit together. This understanding definitely helps when I am explaining a new concept to my high school students!

"The challenging coursework at the time seemed rigorous, but it not only improved my mastery of the subject but helped me to build my confidence as I prepared to teach the subject. My professors set high expectations for me, and now, as a teacher myself, I know that it is not unreasonable to set high expectations for my students as well. I will always take any chance I can get to speak highly of BW, its academics, the campus environment, and the people who are the life of the college. With a genuine, ever-friendly atmosphere, many opportunities to become involved on campus through athletics or extra-curriculars, and faculty who truly care about the education of their students, BW is a place where lives can be transformed and students can succeed."

Lindsay MoomawLindsay Moomaw '08 enjoyed her first course in calculus so much that she took another, and then another... Ultimately she decided on a minor, and finally a major, in Mathematics. Lindsay relates that "I would have been at a loss without the challenges and rewards of this discipline. It helped form me into the student and person I am today".

One of the highlights of Lindsay's undergraduate career was being accepted into a summer research program at Miami University in 2007. Another milestone came during her senior year: "My future endeavors were inspired by one class in particular, Intro to Operations Research...I could actually see and learn the immediate applications of the subject matter and how one could use math to solve intricate problems. I was fascinated and decided to continue studies in this field of Operations Research."

Susan NieseSusan Niese '07 went from BW to Clemson University for a Master's Degree in Operations Research. "My education at Baldwin Wallace fully prepared me to take on life outside the small college! The professors really challenged me to go beyond a textbook definition understanding of mathematics, and think about what was happening behind the scenes. I learned to question why things worked the way they do, and found a much deeper understanding of mathematics than I expected to find. The friendly, open-door policy at Baldwin Wallace taught me that it is okay to ask questions, and taught me the benefit of discussing mathematics with others. I entered graduate school with the right balance of mathematical understanding, positive attitude, and communication skills. I am expecting my Master's Degree in May 2009, when I will begin to look for jobs in industry. I am fully confident that the skills I learned at Baldwin Wallace University will continue to serve me well in the next chapter of my life."

Josh Svenson Joshua Svenson '06 writes "Since my graduation from BW, I have been a graduate student studying statistics at Ohio State University. I earned an M.S. in 2008, and I am currently working to complete my Ph.D. qualifying exams. During my first year as an graduate student, I was on a University Fellowship, which covered all of my tuition and gave me a stipend. Since the Fall of 2007, I have worked as a graduate teaching associate, teaching introductory statistics to undergraduates. Teaching has been a great experience, and for the 2007-2008 school year, I was awarded the Thomas E. & Jean D. Powers Award for Outstanding Teaching Associate in the Statistics department. I attribute most of my teaching success to the great teaching skills I witnessed everyday by the Mathematics and Computer Science faculty at BW. They have provided me with perfect examples of how to be a successful instructor. My research interests lie in the area of design and analysis of computer experiments. My long term goals involve completing my Ph.D. and obtaining a job in academia."

Margaret Meyer Margaret Meyer '03 was graduated from Baldwin Wallace University with a double major in Mathematics and Economics. "After starting with a Pre-Calculus course during my Freshman year at BW, I was unsure whether becoming a math major was the right decision. After speaking with Dr. Little, he assured me that the disciplne and structured thinking that a math major would teach me would allow me to be successful in any career that I chose � and he was right!"

After graduation from BW, Margaret worked for the American Heart Association in various development roles for a total of five years. Currently, Margaret is in the MBA program at the Fisher School of Business at The Ohio State University majoring in Strategy. In the spring, she will start in a Management Rotation program at Grange Insurance in Columbus, Ohio.

Monty Wesoloski, ASAMonty Wesoloski, ASA '06 was graduated from BW with a degree in Mathematics, having passed his first actuarial Exam in May 2005 after completing BW's Mathematical Statistics and Economics courses. He served as an intern at the professional services firm Towers Perrin, where in 2006 he accepted a position as an Actuarial Associate. Rigorous courses in mathematics inspired study habits necessary to continue education on his own. "Professors offered challenges which kept my mind working. This momentum continues to drive me in the workplace."

Monty recently became an Associate in the Society of Actuaries, a milestone in the profession.

Amy NowackiAmy Nowacki, Ph.D. '02 says that "as a freshman, I found a home in the BW Mathematics Program, where, unbeknown to me at the time, I laid the foundation upon which I would ultimately build my career. At BW I was exposured to the major mathematical disciplines, such as calculus, statistics, abstract algebra, operations research, and geometry. Also I was prepared for more concentrated study in graduate school. I went on to earn a Master's degree from the Applied Mathematics Department of Clemson University where, unlike many of the other students, my diverse background fully prepared me for the first year of required courses. Intrigued by the statistics I studied in my second year at Clemson, I knew that I wanted to study it further and focus on biomedical application. Thus I entered a Biostatistics Ph.D. program at the Medical University of South Carolina, where I became involved in study design and analysis, clinical trials and randomization. Subsequently I joined the Cleveland Clinic where I participate in collaborative research and teach medical students biostatistical concepts.

"BW was where I realized that the sky was the limit. Besides receiving an all-around fantastic education, it was the faculty who were so encouraging and willing to help that truly made the difference. They recognized my potential and challenged me to be my best. If I had it all to do over again, very little would change. I would still drag myself out of bed for an 8am advanced calculus lecture because the professor's passion for mathematics was infectious. I probably would still be scared out of my mind to go to the board in another professor's classes even though that is where I learned the most. Also I would definitely still study abroad!

"Other schools recognize the strengths of the BW Mathematics program and the high quality of students it produces. I chose BW because I wanted a smaller school and a more personal education, and I never felt that I sacrificed quality or opportunity to get it...I got it all!"

Duke HutchingsDuke Hutchings, Ph.D. '00, a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science, says "I have been a Georgia Tech graduate student, an intern with Microsoft Research, and an assistant professor at two universities. In all of these endeavors, my mathematics education has been invaluable. I can apply my skills in such a wide variety of classes, whether teaching algorithm analysis and design or enrolling in an information visualization course. I also apply mathematical reasoning and statistical analysis routinely in my research, giving me the capability to make discoveries with participant pools of 24 people or 5,000 people. Regardless of how the information technology field changes, I know that my BW mathematics education experience will help me to excel in the profession.

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