COL 020

COL 020 (Refresher Algebra) is a remedial math course that reviews all the basic skills necessary to be successful in a core math course at Baldwin Wallace University.

  • Students in COL 020 will work online through the ALEKS website (
  • Students must purchase a packet through the BW bookstore that contains an instruction booklet for the ALEKS program and a registration code that will allow them to access ALEKS for the entire semester.
  • Students work at their own pace practicing remedial math topics (basic and intermediate algebra) and taking assessments provided by ALEKS.
  • An instructor is present to assist the students as needed. Typically, there is no formal lecture provided in this course. All instructions, reviews, and assessments are provided to students via ALEKS.
  • Although students work individually and online, there is an attendance policy.
  • Students are required to work on ALEKS outside of the regularly scheduled class time. It is necessary for students to put in extra time in order to be successful, just as outside work (homework, studying, reviewing, etc.) is necessary in any other course.
  • COL 020 is graded S/U based on attendance and effort. However, a grade of 'S' is not the prerequisite for a core MTH course (see next bullet).
  • Students are assessed continuously throughout the semester. Student must receive a passing score on an in-class assessment in order to pass COL 020 and be eligible for a core MTH course.
  • Students not receiving a passing score at the end of the semester should continue in COL 020/021 the next semester.  Those who receive an 'S' in 020/021 are permitted to register for COL 021 and do NOT need to purchase another ALEKS packet, nor will they be required to pay for the course the next semester.  Those who receive a 'U' in 020/021 must register for COL 020 and will incur the full cost of the course and the ALEKS registration packet.
  • The credits for COL 020 do not count toward graduation, but they do count toward the student's semester course load.
  • Part-time students are charged a reduced fee for the course.

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