Master of Arts in Education


Advanced Practice Minor Course Offerings:

Advanced Practice Minor

What is an Advanced Practice Minor?

It is nine (9) credit hours from one of the existing majors.

How Does it Work?

Two curricular structures in Baldwin Wallace University's new K-12 MAEd programs give you what you really need:

  • Concentrated expertise in a targeted field or Major, plus
  • Breadth of knowledge in another area (Advanced Practice Minor)


What are the choices in the Advanced Practice Minor?

  • The Advanced Practice Minors are in much needed education areas:
  • Special Education
  • Technology Integration
  • Literacy
  • Leadership


Will this increase the time it takes to complete the degree?

No, our program and degree hours have not increased, but with the Advanced Practice Minor your professional knowledge and targeted skills will!

What if I want to add more courses from my minor area?

You can extend your study -now or later.  With your Advanced Practice Minor, you can add another license or endorsement in the minor area of study with as little as 13 additional hours.  (Please note that the K-12 Reading Endorsement program has pre-requisite undergraduate courses).

Can I individualize My Advanced Practice Minor?

Yes.  If a combination of minor courses from a variety of areas better fits your professional needs, you can work with the Graduate Advisor to create your own Individualized Advanced Practice Minor.

Am I finished when I complete the major and the minor?

Not quite.  Each candidate for the Master of Arts in Education degree must complete the EDU 511 Educational Research class along with the major and minor.

Are there comprehensive exams?

No, there are no comprehensive exams in this new curriculum.  Candidates for the degree must complete the required capstone experience, practicum, or portfolio that are key summative assessments for the majors.

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