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Graduates of the LHE program have a distinctive set of skills, knowledge and experiences, making them highly employable and promotable in colleges and universities nationwide. Students develop the ability to analyze policy; assess students' needs; create, implement and evaluate programs; and foster environments that enhance student learning in all areas of campus life.

Jennifer DeSantis, 2013 LHE Graduate

Assistant Director Academic Resources, Case Western Reserve University
It was my second week as the Assistant Director for Academic Resources at Case Western Reserve University.  My supervisor had just supplied me with resources to review relating to Peer Tutoring.  Then, there they were: Astin, Chickering, Perry, Kolb, Schlossberg, Kuh, and more! In that moment, I was able to reflect and truly appreciate my experiences in the LHE Program at BW. The integration of theory into practice paired with practical application through internship and practicum experiences helped me tremendously. In my current position at CWRU, I supervise and manage the campus-wide Peer Tutoring Program and assist with the daily management of the Study Group +1 and Supplemental Instruction programs. Additionally, I advocate and provide services and programming for commuter students, collaborate with programming for First Year Experience, Housing and Residence Life, and the Undergraduate Studies Offices. BW's LHE program helped me develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in this position and throughout my career in higher education.
Jennifer's LHE internships: Leadership in Higher Education and MAEd Intern, Adult & Continuing Education Intern

Alexandria Romanovich, 2012 LHE Graduate

Student Services Coordinator for Orientation, INTO University of South Florida
As Student Services Coordinator for INTO University of South Florida, I coordinate orientation for hundreds of international students enrolled in three distinct programs. The LHE curriculum fully prepared me for this job, as I served a diverse population as graduate intern for Baldwin Wallace's International Student Services, and co-organized new student orientations as a graduate intern for Cuyahoga Community College. I also developed a peer-advising program during my practicum with BW's Explorations and Study Abroad Office. Through these positions, as well as in-class discussions and readings, I've been able to use theories related to student development to create orientations that will retain INTO students and foster their success. Attending BW for both undergraduate and graduate school enabled me to build solid relationships with many professionals in the realm of higher education. I may live in Tampa now, but my heart will always be in Berea!
Alexandria's LHE Internships: International Student Services Intern (BW), Student Success and Orientation Intern (Cuyahoga Community College)

Nicole Gatrell, 2013 LHE Graduate

Director of International Student Services, Hiram College
I was enrolled in the Leadership in Higher Education program at Baldwin Wallace University as a part-time student while working full-time at Hiram College. At Hiram, I am part of a four person team that comprises Ethnic Diversity Affairs, International Students, Commuter Students, the Welcome Center and Campus Involvement. The option of enrolling part-time in the LHE program afforded me the opportunity to maintain and expand my responsibilities at Hiram College while pursuing my master's degree. I took one class a semester along with an internship. After completing an internship on how my department could incorporate commuter student services, I became the coordinator of this new program as part of the Student Engagement Team. My internships have also allowed me to work with retention warning systems, co-teach a study strategies and time management course, and lead a grant-funded peer mentoring program for African American and Hispanic students. Our class discussions and topics were meaningfully reflected in the tasks I complete on a daily basis at Hiram College. The ideas and concepts we learned in the LHE program assist me in continually growing as a professional in higher education.  
LHE Internships: (all at Hiram College) Impact Peer Mentoring, Student Academic Services, Commuter Student Services

Eric Dubitsky, 2013 LHE Graduate

Assistant Director of Advancement, College of Business, Kent State University
The Leadership in Higher Education program thoroughly prepared me for a career in higher education. Academically, the coursework was focused on what it takes to be a leader and innovator in a complex and competitive environment. My two internships (Admissions and Learning Center & Disability Support Services) provided me with experiential learning opportunities to apply the coursework I was learning in the classroom. As a student I was impressed by the commitment of the University, faculty, and the practitioners to make our experiences meaningful and applicable.  Currently, I am working at Kent State University as an Assistant Director of Advancement in the College of Business Administration. I work with alumni and friends of the University to gather support for the college on all levels.  Working with various faculty, administrators, and staff I am required to understand the complex network of how higher education functions, and Baldwin Wallace supplied me with the tools to navigate.
Eric's LHE Internships:  Admission Intern, Learning Center & Disability Support Services Intern

Valerie Rambin, 2011 LHE Graduate

Program Associate, Japan Study Program, Earlham College
I discovered BW's Leadership in Higher Education program when I was looking for a career in higher education that would allow me to continue working with students and families from diverse backgrounds. I find joy in helping students make the best choices for them whether it be helping them choose the right university, the study abroad program that best meets their needs, or advising students on academic programs.  My position as Program Associate for the Japan Study Program at Earlham College integrates my skills - my position is part study abroad advisor for all Earlham students who want to study in Japan, and part recruiter for the Japan Study Program at other colleges and universities in the Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) and the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM).  I help oversee two programs: the Japan Study Program and the Studies in Cross-Cultural Education in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan.
LHE Internships: Study Abroad and Intercultural Education Intern (BW), Admissions Intern (Oberlin College)

Zachary McGrain, 2012 LHE Graduate

Assistant Director, Career and Leadership Development Center, Ohio University
My first career position after graduating from the LHE program was Academic Advisor for the Nursing Program at Ohio University. A year later,  the Assistant Director position for the Career and Leadership Center (CLDC) and College of Health Sciences and Professions (CLSP) came open and I saw it as an opportunity that I could not pass up. At BW, one of my internships was in Career Services and I really enjoyed the career development process. Now in my new position as Assistant Director, I serve as a liaison between the CLDC and CHSP in order to develop a strategic plan to help CHSP students. The Career and Leadership Development Center at Ohio University provides services and resources that help students and alumni/ae succeed on their career path and develop the necessary leadership skills for the global workforce. We view career and leadership development as a lifelong process and strive to provide comprehensive assistance in many areas of career and leadership development. We are also here to provide services that will enable employers to effectively recruit their future workforce talent. At OU, we collaborate across the institution to help all employers establish a recruiting pipeline by utilizing our center's resources.
LHE Internships: Career Services Intern, Learning Center Intern

Grace Clifford, 2011 LHE Graduate

Assistant Director of ESS Disability Resources at Case Western Reserve University
At the end of my undergraduate career, I was torn between applying to graduate programs in education or clinical counseling. I was avoiding the stack of applications piling up on my desk because none of it felt right. Then, I received the email from BW announcing the Leadership in Higher Education program and my soul searching was done. I was incredibly excited to be part of the pioneering cohort and tenacious thirteen. The program offered me one of a kind, in-depth experiences in higher education that have opened up countless doors for me both personally and professionally. As the Learning Center intern, I had the opportunity to hire and train peer-tutors, create drop-in tutoring opportunities, and create and teach a course. During my second year as the Disability Services Intern, I was able to get in-depth training in the field which aided me in landing my dream job as Assistant Director of ESS Disability Resources at Case Western Reserve University. (I have the added bonus of being office neighbors with LHE alum, Jennifer DeSantis!)
LHE Internships:  Learning Center Intern and Disability Services Intern

Heather Schwager, 2011 LHE Graduate

Director of Admissions, Magnificat High School

It was the week of my college graduation when I discovered BW’s Leadership in Higher Education program, and like most college seniors, I was unsure of my next step. In speaking with the faculty and staff involved in the program, I knew Baldwin Wallace University and the LHE program would be a great fit. The LHE program provided me with the fundamental skills needed in higher education administration, specifically within the realms of Academic and Student Affairs. I was able to put these skills into practice through my internships and practicum, which provided a bridge into real life experiences in higher education. In my current position as Director of Admissions at Magnificat High School, I use my leadership and organizational skills on a daily basis when working with current and prospective students and their families. It’s an exciting time to be in higher education, and Baldwin Wallace was the stepping stone I needed to create my future success.
LHE Internships:  Living/Learning Intern, Kohler Hall Director, Student Activities Intern

Brandy Bast, 2012 LHE Graduate

Student Success Mentor/Coach, Goodwill Education Initiatives - Indianapolis
As soon as I graduated from the LHE program, I successfully secured a position working with Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc. as a success coach/mentor in Indianapolis, Indiana. My position at Goodwill allows me to work with high school students who were unable to finish but who want to pursue their diploma. The LHE program provides students with a holistic view of higher education and equips graduates with a variety of practical experiences. The experiences I had in the classroom and in my internships allowed me to pursue my passion...working with at-risk students and first-generation college students. The research and projects I completed in the LHE program were geared toward first-generation college students. The skills gained through practical experience and previous coursework prepared me to take on the role at Goodwill with confidence and passion!
LHE Internships:  Adult & Continuing Education Intern, Student Success Intern

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