MAEd - Leadership in Higher Education

The LHE program requires a total of 46 credits; 30 credits of coursework and 16 credits of internship.

Program Requirements

LHE students complete coursework in the following areas:

  • Student and adult development
  • Ethical leadership
  • Funding and finance in higher education
  • Diversity
  • Student outcomes from the college experience
  • History and philosophy of higher education
  • Research Methods
  • Career preparation and portfolio development

In addition, LHE students will explore interdisciplinary courses on topics such as assessment of educational environments, technology in education, counseling theory and practice, teaching and learning in higher education, staffing and development and marketing.


The Leadership in Higher Education Program (LHE) is designed to prepare transformative higher education leaders in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. This non-thesis program requires a total of 46 credits, of which 30 credits are coursework and 16 are internship.

Required Courses:

EDU 560    History / Philosophy of Higher Education
EDU 511    Educational Research
EDU 561    Student and Adult Development in Higher Education Practice
EDU 562    Funding and Finance in Higher Education
EDU 564    Ethical Leadership in Higher Education
EDU 566    Diversity in Higher Education
EDU 568    Student Outcomes from the College Experience
EDU 521    Internship I
EDU 522    Internship II
EDU 523    Internship III
EDU 524    Internship IV
EDU 571    Practicum in Student Affairs or
EDU 572    Practicum in Academic Affairs
EDU 570    Capstone

Possible Electives:

(choose two courses from the following list):

EDU 567    Theory and Assessment of Educational Environments
EDU 569    Counseling Theory and Practice
EDU 573    Education of Children with Special Needs (upon LHE Director approval)
EDU 581    Teaching and Learning
EDU 514    Educational Technology
BUS 501    Systems Management
BUS 509    Organizational Behavior
BUS 513    Staffing and Development

Internships and Practicum

The purpose of the approved internship experience is to build depthful knowledge and experience in both Student Affairs and Academic Affairs.  Students hold professional-level internship responsibilities throughout the program as they are enrolled in classes.  A project-based practicum ensures that the student integrates the areas of both Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.  

Recognizing the value of professional higher education experiences, part-time LHE students who are currently employed full-time at a college or university may be approved for a waiver of some internship requirements. 


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