Jones Music Library

Jones Music Library
Merner-Pfeiffer Hall


Jones Music Library collects materials in a wide variety of formats in support of the Conservatory curriculum, and other music-related classes on campus.  These holdings are supplemented by those of Ritter Library and the Riemenschneider Bach Institute . 

For circulation policies, see Authorized Borrowers.


The Library collects books on a wide range of musical topics.  The bulk of the collection focuses on Western art music, but there are also significant collections in music education, music therapy, musicals and non-Western music.  There are approximately 9,000 books in the Jones collection, including music education, music therapy, and reference.


Jones Library has 35 current periodical subscriptions and about 850 volumes of bound back issues.  Current subscriptions range from general music journals to instrument-specific magazines and education and therapy journals.

Printed Music

Jones Music Library holds approximately 17,500 volumes of printed music, covering piano, voice, guitar, and all orchestral instruments, and spanning five centuries of music.  Because of the performance-oriented curriculum of the Conservatory, many of these materials are performing editions.  We also collect study scores and a few scholarly editions. Since 2010, our collections have been enriched by a "subscription" to the works of about 200 contemporary composers. We have also been strengthening our collections of musical theater repertoire.

Sound Recordings

The library's collection of sound recording includes LP's, compact discs and cassettes. The collection as a whole exceeds 15,000 recordings.

       Compact discs

The library holds about 6,000 CDs, including the complete works of Mozart, Bartok, Beethoven, Webern and Walton, and much other standard and non-standard repertoire.

        Vinyl records

The library has a substantial collection of vinyl records, approximately 7,500, and turntables on which to play them.  While the records are still a vital part of the library’s sound recordings, this collection is shrinking as more recordings are replaced on compact disc.

          Baldwin Wallace recordings

The library is a selective repository for recordings of Conservatory performances from 1955 to the present.  Most of these are now on cassette, with the most recent being on compact disc.  Currently, the library collects faculty recitals, opera performances, and large ensemble concerts.  Jones does not keep recordings of student recitals.

Video Recordings

Jones Library collects video recordings on DVD, and also has a collection on VHS tape.  These collections include a wide range of music-related topics from complete operas and musicals to master classes, world music, and education. The two collections together total about 750 items.

Music Education

Kershner Music Education Center, housed in Jones Music Library, contains about 2,600 items in support of the Conservatory’s music education courses.  These include curriculum sets that are used in schools, band and orchestra method books, choral octavos, and many other education materials.

Music Therapy

Also housed in Jones is a collection of books and journals, owned by The Cleveland Music Therapy Consortium, on topics relating to music therapy.  These items circulate only to Consortium students and faculty.

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