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"The Festival itself is now 82 years old, and has been a fixture on northeast Ohio's music scene for as long as this writer has been observing it. Its reputation as an exemplar of Bach performance has only grown through the years..."
~ The Plain Dealer


"...rousing, committed and touching..."
~ The New York Times


The 2015 Festival is made possible by:

The Adrianne and Robert Andrews Bach Festival Fund
in honor of Amelia & Elias Fadil, and

83rd Annual Bach Festival, April 17-19, 2015


The Oldest Collegiate Bach Festival
Celebrates 83 Years of Exceptional Music
Featuring the Mass in B Minor, BWV 232

"It’s like Bach."

…we hear it all the time…
when Music moves us,
when Music makes us think,
when Music creates wonder, passion and joy, we say:
"it’s like Bach."
and it is more than that… Bach represents sheer, raw creative power outside the world of music. When parts work together, when genius is sparked, when the impossible is made possible, people say:
"it’s like Bach."
When something is incredibly easy and profoundly complicated at the same time,
"it’s like Bach."
When moved to tears by something that we can’t explain, while at the same time being inspired,
"it’s like Bach."
Perfect construction. Precision and passion. Architecture of the soul, the mind, and the spirit,
"it’s like Bach."
Tradition and innovation in the same moment:
"it’s like Bach."
The Baldwin Wallace University Bach Festival celebrates Bach’s legacy, not only his music. We celebrate the joy it gives our students, alumni, and audiences. We explore the magic of great art, what it does to our brains and how it serves humankind. We celebrate tradition and look far into the future. We celebrate how this music and all that Bach has come to represent changes our lives and changes our world. The 83rd Baldwin Wallace Bach Festival: it’s like Bach.
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