Language Across the Curriculum (LAC)

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LAC Profile: A Baldwin Wallace Language Across the Curriculum Scholarship helped to provide Kristopher Smeage (pictured right) with an opportunity to study in Ghana, Africa, during the spring 2012 semester.

 What Students Say about LAC?

I think that it's a great idea!  It actually gives an opportunity for someone who knows another language, or is studying one, to use it outside of the actual language class. 


 I never thought of reading works in their original language, and it totally brought a new understanding of the works.


The LAC component most definitively increased my awareness of the richness that cultural differences can bring to the study of a subject.


LAC for BW Students

Language Across the Curriculum is an exciting curricular option at Baldwin Wallace University that provides students with an excellent opportunity to practice their foreign language skills in their non-language courses, and to enhance their understanding of course content.  Students have the opportunity to read, write, or speak in a foreign language, thereby extending their language skills and at the same time enriching their understanding of the course material from the perspective of another culture.

Consistent with BW's mission to create "caring, compassionate citizens of an increasingly global society," LAC helps students gain an appreciation of language, and understanding of how other culture express themselves, and an opportunity to apply their language skills in a practical setting.  LAC is designed for students with varying language proficiency.

What is the advantage to students of taking a course with a LAC option? Students will benefit in a number of ways including:

  • the opportunity to develop their language skills in an applied setting;
  • the chance to more fully understand course material by reading it, writing about it, or discussing it in the language in which it was originally written or in which the subject matter is often applied;
  • gaining a more global perspective as part of their liberal arts education;
  • improving their ability to apply language skills in work settings both while in school and after graduation.

Are you looking for ways to practice your foreign language skills this Fall? The LAC program provides an exciting way for you to practice your foreign language skills across the curriculum.  Basically, you sign up for one of more of the regular courses with a LAC-option (those available this spring 2012 are listed in here). These are regular courses, but for those who choose, part of your coursework is done in the foreign language that you are studying. 

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