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International Affairs. National Security.

Recent Alumni Success:

Elise Wallis '13, secured one of the nation's most competitive scholarships and studied in Tunisia in 2012. Named a 2013 BW Outstanding Senior, she is BW's first minor in National Security and is interning with the Cleveland Foundation.

Sarah Friedmann '10, got top academic honors at BW with a perfect 4.00 GPA. She did a post-graduation City Hall fellowship and is at the U.S.'s #1 program in international relations at Georgetown University.
Kris Smeage '12, who was in Ghana, Africa, last year, was BW's student body president and an Outstanding Senior. He received a French Government Teaching Assistantship for 2013-14.

Ashley Freytag '12, has done internships for AmeriCorps and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. She was accepted by the Peace Corps before deciding to do mission work in Senegal.


Timothy Booker '10, who secured a competitive fellowship while at BW, is pursuing his career goals as a grad student.

More Profiles

Law School

Law school is another career field well suited to international studies majors. Recent BW graduates pursuing law degrees include Dana Rasmussen '11, at the University of Virgina; Sam Stone ‘09, at George Washington; Samantha Mucha ‘11, at Cleveland-Marshall School of Law; Morsheda Akhter '11, at Michigan State; and Rich Teel '13, at Cleveland Marshall.

Stay in Contact

Alumni are a very important part of BW's international studies program. We are always excited to hear from our graduates and to be kept up to date with personal and professional accomplishments. Kindly send information regarding your life "post-BW" to Dr. Judy Krutky at

Alumni Spotlights

Here are some examples of what graduates with INT or double majors are now doing to give you some idea of the possibilities. E-mail addresses for many of them are available upon request from the Political Science Department at (440) 826-2311. 


Patti Nagy - Import/Export, Regional Manager, Guadalajara, Mexico (International Studies & Business Administration, BW; MBA, Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico)

Scott Dille - Senior Marketing Manager, OOCL Logistics, USA Inc., New York City (International Studies & Political Science)

Michael Weidokal - President and CEO, ISA-International Strategic Analysis, Americas and Asia-Pacific, Cleveland, OH (International Studies, BW; Master's Degree in International Business, South Carolina State University)

Chanin Wendling - Principal, IBM Global Services (International Studies, BW; M.A., International Relations, Yale University; MBA, Auburn University)

Francesca Norsen Tate - Religion News Editor, Eagle Publishing Company, New York City (International Studies and Communication)

Michael Anuszkiewicz - Custom Research Analyst, Riskmetrics Group, Baltimore, MD (International Studies and French)

Trent Vesely - Sales Manager, Southeast Asia, Diab Group, Bangkok, Thailand (International Studies and Business)

Samantha Stephens - former Manager, Cleveland Council on World Affairs; currently Trade Compliance Specialist, Alcoa Wheel & Forged Products, Randolph, OH (International Studies &   Political Science and IMBA, BW)

U.S. and other Countries' Civil Service

Zarema Arutyunova - former International Trade Specialist, Russia & Independent States, U.S. Department of Commerce, currently an attorney with Clifford Chance USLLP, Washington, D.C. (International Studies & Business, BW; JD, American University Law School)

Stacy Knight Drake - Senior Policy Intelligence Analyst, Department of Defense, Omaha, NB (International Studies & Political Science, BW)

Michael Rousek - U.S. Department of State, Foreign Service Officer, currently serving as Deputy Principal Officer at the U.S. Consulate in Medan, Sumatra (Indonesia). Formerly with the U.S. Customs Service, Treasury Department. (International Studies & Political Science, BW; International MBA, BW)

Christine Burkhart - Former Peace Corps Volunteer, Dominican Republic, currently Development Project Manager for Latin America, Red Cross, Washington, DC (International Studies, BW; MA, Johns Hopkins University)

Michael Rogers - International Trade Specialist, Central and East European Business Information Center, U.S. Department of Commerce (International Studies & Political Science, BW; MA, American University)

Haris Hanjalic - Former linguist for U.S. Army in Kosovo (2001-05), currently Assistant Brand Manager, Sara Lee Corp., Chicago, IL (International Studies & Business, BW; MA, Case Western Reserve University)

Karen Gasper - America Votes headquartered in Columbus, Ohio (International Studies & Political Science) 

International/National Nongovernmental Organizations

Joe Fisher - Former an analyst at RAND Corporation (International Studies, BW; MA, New York University School of Public Administration, International Health Policy Management, New York

Ann Weeks (Horm) - Vice-President, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (International Studies & Economics, BW; MA, American University)

Miki Satake (Japan) - Mathematica Policy Research, Washington, D.C. (International Studies, BW; Master's Degree in Demographics, Georgetown University)

Crystal Thies - Executive Assistant to the President, Cincinnati Museum Center (International Studies & German, BW; MPA, Northern Kentucky University)

Sarah Tancredi (Serfass) - Associate Director for Parent and Family Giving, Oberlin Annual Fund

Mark Lammon - Special Projects Manager, Downtown Cleveland Improvement Corporation (International Studies and Political Science)

Law & Banking

Kristin Walker - Associate, Cowden, Humphrey, Nagorney & Love, Cleveland, OH (International Studies, BW; MBA, Case Western Reserve University)

Christine Shepard - Graduate of DePaul University Law School (International Studies & Political Science)

Doug Nelson - Attorney with the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces(International Studies, Political Science & Spanish, BW; J.D., University of Michigan Law School)

Amy Overton - Attorney in Immigration Law for Barbara Firstenberg & Associates, Co., Cleveland, OH (International Studies & German)

Yuko Higuchi - Paralegal, Orrick Tokyo Offices, Tokyo, Japan (International Studies)

Athena Inembolidis - Personal Bankruptcy Attorney, Columbus, OH (International Studies, BW; J.D. Cleveland Marshall School of Law)

Travel & Tourism

Saleem Jabsheh (Kuwait) - Travel Agent, Rio de Janiero (International Studies & Political Science

Luciana LeMire - International Flight Attendant, Continental Airlines, Cleveland, OH (International Studies)

Teaching and Higher Education

Richard Moeller - Professor of Political Science, The Metropolitan State College of Denver (International Studies, BW; MA, George Washington University; Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

Deanna Voss - Senior Director, Admissions, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida (International Studies, BW; MA, University of Miami)

Susan Griffin (Engle) - French & ESL Teacher, Oak Ridge Military Academy; Freelance French Translator (International Studies & French, BW; MA in French Translation, Kent State, K-12 French teaching licensure)

Sarah Rasmussen - Lecturing in English department, University of Salzburg, Austria (International Studies & German, BW; MA, German Studies, Bowling Green State University)

Joanna Kosmidis - Administrator of MBA Program, University of Macedonia, Thessalonki, Greece (International Studies, BW; Master's in Education, University of Reading, England)

Craig Mulling - Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Sociology, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL (International Studies and Sociology, BW; MA, Bowling Green, Ph.D. University of Hawaii)

Kelly Canavan - Foreign Language Instructor, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School, New York (International Studies & German)

Katrina Spillane - External Cooperation Office, National University of Agriculture of Honduras, Catacamas, Honduras, Central America (International Studies & Spanish, BW; Master's in International Development, University of Pittsburgh)

Lori Brindisi - Director of International Student Services, Walsh University, North Canton Ohio (International Studies, BW; M.Ed., Cleveland State University)

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