HR/Industrial & Organizational Psychology


Degree Requirements

The Industrial and Organizational Psychology Major (I/O) will fulfill the needs of students seeking to gain knowledge and skills that will prepare them for graduate school and/or for a position in a business environment in an area of human resource management such as employee selection, assessment, training or other areas managing worker productivity and behavior.  The I/O major is offered as an additional major for students with a first major in any Business discipline or Psychology. The I/O major builds upon the knowledge and skills developed in their first major. 

Minimum Credits Required:  33 credits (plus prerequisites)

Required Courses

Business Majors must take:  PSY 100 Principles of Psychological Science
Psychology Majors must take:  BUS 208 Introduction to Business

All students must take:
BUS 410 Human Resource Management
PSY 280  Research Methods
PSY 301 Psychological Testing
PSY 320 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
BUS/PSY 496 Industrial and Organizational Psychology Capstone*

Electives Courses

Elective courses cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of both the student’s primary major and the I/O major. 

Choose one of the following courses:
PSY 321 Group Dynamics 
BUS 409D  Behavioral Theories of Management

Choose three of the following courses:
BUS 358 Business Communication
BUS 411 Compensation
BUS 412 Employment Law
BUS 413 Staffing and Development
PSY 304 Personality Psychology
PSY 339 Social Psychology
PSY 328 Cognitive Processes

*BUS/PSY 496 Industrial and Organizational Psychology Capstone
The capstone course will require students to apply learning from coursework in the Major to a project with an outside profit or non-profit organization.  Students will learn the consultative process and develop and utilize skills in marketing ideas, influencing decision-makers, and interacting with various organizational constituencies.  Students will implement business and behavioral science research knowledge and skills in order to address and solve organizational needs and problems.   The capstone requires extensive oral and written communication skills in order to complete an applied and/or research project. 


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