Health and Physical Education


Career Opportunities

Teaching health education in the schools is certainly one of the more common job descriptions in the business of health promotion but health promotion specialists work in a number of other settings:

Corporate Worksites:  Corporations and businesses hire health educators to guide employees through wellness programs and lifestyle changes designed to enhance health and reduce the risks of disease.  Worksite health promotion may well be related to programs of corporate fitness and Employee Assistance Programs.

Public Health Agencies:  A vast array of organizations promote disease prevention.  Most are administered by the federal, state, or local government by way of policies and programs that protect public health.

Clinical Settings:  Almost every hospital has a health education outreach program serving its surrounding community.  Health fairs, seminars, and workshops are a major part of such programs.

Voluntary Health Agencies:  The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association are just a few of many organizations needing full-time professional staffers to provide leadership for their educational programs.

Local Health Departments:  Under the direction of a city or a county, local health departments have divisions of health promotion, working to educate the community about public health.

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