Health and Physical Education

Division of Health & Physical Education
Lou Higgins Center, Rm. 250

HPE  faculty lecturers teach a variety of courses and seminars in which they have specialized knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Jack Bethlenfalvy: Tennis, Badminton, Racquetball

Vicki Brault:  Volleyball

Christine Cancian: Swimming, Lifeguard Training

Ken Ciolek:  Health Services, Fitness, Student Teacher Supervision

Michael Cunningham: Karate, Ki Kong, Self-Defense, Taekwando, Jujitsu

Gregory Daniels:  Tap Dance, Jazz

Christine Dorey:  The Mind and Music: Lifelong Wellness, Injury Prevention in the Performing Arts

Terry Echols:  Sport in Society, History of Sport

William Grake:  Fly Fishing

Denise Lazzaro: Pilates

Marianne Mangan:  Team Games, Adapted Physical Education, Lifetime Leisure

Jeff Marshall: Ice Skating

Dr. Tim Miller:  Racquetball

Callie Neale:  Techniques of Relaxation

John Norris: Skin and SCUBA Diving

Marc Ozanich:  Ballroom & Social Dance, Renaissance & Baroque Dance

Joseph Politsky: Line Dancing

Jennifer Ray-Tomasek:  Substance Abuse

William Reith:  Fencing

Jackie Rodriguez: Sports Conditioning, Health/Physical Fitness Assessment Technique, Cycling for Health

Wayne Schneider:  Student Teacher Supervision, Golf, Family Relations

Dawn Schroeder:  Yoga

Karen Stanfar: Nutrition for Daily Living

Sara Whale: Ballet, Modern Dance


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